Chombo gives Romeo Gasa residential stand


By Lifestyle Writer

All smiles….a stand for Romeo Gasa

Popular and fast rising sungura musician Romeo Gasa is a happy man after legislator and community leader Marian Chombo honoured her album launch pledge of a residential stand today.

The pledge was made at the musician’s album launch held at Long Cheng Plaza in Harare and Gasa made the honoured gesture public after he was given the stand papers today.

In a statement on his social media, Gasa who was at loss of words revealed the stand is in one of the leafy suburbs of Harare.

“Mwari vatiitira zvimwe futi πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘On the album launch day, mama honourable M Chombo pledged a residential stand for me and since then vanga vakati zii zvavo vachironga, nhasi she called me kuti huya utore ma papers Ako stand yako yaita πŸ™
1000sq metres kuhudhewu dhewu.

Muno mudhorobha ndinonzwa kutya Mwari nekuti ndivo vakandipa Chipo uye kushanda unyerere hazvireve kupusa denga rinodaira zvaro

Ndokutendai mese munonditsigira munondipa Simba rekuti zviende mberi,ndosaka ndichiti ndimi mune yese munoita tiende mberiVanouya Kuma shows vandoziva slogan yacho….Vakaropafadzwa vanotambanudza ruoko,zvamandipa ndinotenda nekuti ndimika mabosss,” Gasa said


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