Day Night Security services calls for vigilance


By Takemore Mazuruse

Day Night Security Services Managing Director Gospel Mudonhi flanked by Finance Manager Hilda Tekere (right) and Business Development Executive Nicola Samantha Choga (left)

Working hard, earning good and enjoying a healthy lifestyle is a dream for many but armed robberies, break-ins and heists have recently become the order of the day with both individuals and companies losing their life savings and huge sums of money to daring criminals. 

Some even lose their lives while some business go broke as these robbers get away with all they have worked for. In such an environment, quality, trusted and affordable security becomes a necessity. 

However, some security companies have been found wanting and complicity in the many crimes and robberies that are taking place. It therefore calls for due diligence before one can settle for any security service provider. 

Leading security services player, Day-Night Security Company which was the biggest winner at the recent 2022 edition of the Zimbabwe Business Awards however challenges residents and business people to be more careful when engaging security services providers. 

The company’s Managing Director Gospel Mudonhi said security is no longer a luxury but a necessity and those that require it must practice due diligence if they are to enjoy the benefits. 

“With the high incidence of robberies, break-ins and heists, it has become compulsory that residents and business players invest in trusted, quality and affordable security. 

It’s not just about positioning security guards at your home or premises but making sure that they are equipped for the job and reputable enough to avoid any form of compromise,”he said.  

The company which won Company of the year award security industry has continued to reinvent and they have fully invested in human resources as well as technology to meet the demands of their trade.

Mudonhi said theirs is an intergenerational business which has continued to reinvent in sync with industry trends and dynamics. 

“We are an intergenerational family business that has for a long time invested in good work ethics and customer satisfaction. 

We give a personalized touch to our clients and we are happy that over the years we have retained old clients and attracted new ones thanks to our quality services,” he said. 

We boast of presence and a branch in almost every town and city and we have grown our human resource base from 300 to the current 600 with hopes to surpass the 1000 mark in the not so distant future,” he said. 

Day Nigh Security services also enjoys presence in almost every part of the country and their number of security guards continues to grow. 

“We are close to our clients across Zimbabwe thanks to our branch network and the number of our highly trained guards that have since risen to over 600.

We pride ourselves in tailor made and market tested security services which have helped our clients enjoy peace of mind. We offer round the clock security services and you just can’t go wrong with us,” Mudonhi said.

While some security companies charge an arm and a leg for their services, Mudonhi said they are providing affordable but quality services to their clients. 

“Security for us is a calling and while there is growing demand for the service, we are not capitalizing on that but availing a affordable and trusted services that gives our clientele the much needed peace of mind. 

We are operating in a generally challenging environment but we want to play our part in securing that which our clients work for towards a viable and sustainable economy,” he said. 

Day Night Security Business Development executive Nicola Samantha Choga said the company is doing its best to stay ahead of competition and become a market leader in their industry. 

“We value excellence and productivity in all we do hence it’s our wish to continue gaining the confidence of our clients. 

We are guided by a clear policy statement and we continue to retrain our guards while investing in technology so that we provide the best service possible,” she said. 


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