Killer T joins high earners league


By Arts Reporter

Never mind the fiasco with fellow residents in Aspindale this past week, dancehall star Kelvin Kusikwenyu known in music circles as Killer T or simply Chairman has joined the league of high earning musicians if recent developments are anything to go by.

The lanky singer who has a penchant of displaying his expensive lifestyle could be living his best life and easily passes for one of the most organised musicians in Zimbabwe.

That he has built himself a house in the respectable and gated Aspindale neighborhood is quite a high for someone who started off as a rank marshal before using his talent to extricate himself from poverty.

Killer T who drives a modest Mercedes Benz and recently bought a van for his music entourage is one of the most booked musicians in Zimbabwe and usually shuttles between South Africa and Zimbabwe for shows if he is not touring in faraway UK.

To prove he earns well, Killer T was one of the local celebrities for flaunt the recently launched iPhone 14 and reminding residents that he was also one of the first owners of the iPhone 13 when it hit the market.

The Aspindale house is also reported to be his second after the old one he owns along Chihota street in Mbare.

During the recent fiasco with fellow residents in Aspindale, Killer T flashed out USD4000 from his pocket and dared the residents if they could have such an amount in hard currency on them.

It’s good times for Killer T and we advise him to make the most of his earnings because opportunity passes and like he sang mukana inguva unopfuura.

Departed national hero and Zim music grandad Oliver Mtukudzi also sang about planning for tomorrow in that chisingapere chinoshura, ramangwana rirongere hit.

It’s also important that Killer T does the expected when it comes to respecting the law. That he had to be fined for driving unregistered vehicles is a no brainer given how much he is earning.

Responsible citizenry counts beyond the talent and the sooner he realises that the better.


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