Love pours for Madam Boss


By Staff Reporter

Popular socialite Madam Boss who is reportedly in a stable condition and has been discharged this morning after being involved in an accident on her way to Kadoma yesterday afternoon has received an outpouring of love from ordinary Zimbabweans and fellow influencers among them Lorraine Guyo, Freeman,Patricia, Bukira Betera and Pah Chihera to name a few.

Injured socialite Madam Boss has received an outpouring of love after being involved in an accident yesterday

Even her alleged nemesis Mai Titi with whom she has a love-hate relationship also sent some love to her and Freeman whose car was damaged when one Owen took it for a spin while he rested after a show in Masvingo.

However there were some social misfits that also took advantage of her mishap to show their disdain over allegations of her association with the ruling party.

One such social media user who in a largely Un-Zimbabwean comment wrote “Who cares, Mahure for ED” was called out by the majority of followers who reprimanded him for his uncouth behavior.


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