Macheso new album to reignite Sungura


By Beatrice Musavezi

Make no mistake about it, Sungura is a loved music genre. It’s widely regarded as the authentic Zimbabwean sound together with the more traditional Mbira music.

However, there has been some drawbacks in the Sungura genre in recent years inspite of the emergency of new voices namely Simon Mutambi, Romeo Gasa, DT Bio Mudimba and the even more promising Elphas Mushamba of Shamblo music to name a few.

It is however the rather laid back approach by Sungura giant Alick Macheso known as the doyen of the genre that had somewhat dealt some blows to the much loved sound.

There is always something about a new album from Alick Macheso and whenever he promises one the entire industry goes agog.

It is no mystery therefore that the entire nation if not region is standing on it’s toes as we countdown to June 10 when Alick Macheso is expected to unleash his latest album.

Largely regarded as his own competition since the demise of the equally competent and creative Tongai Moyo, Alick Macheso will walk into the Aquatic Complex carrying the expectations of all Sungura lovers.

Whether Macheso delivers or not is a story for another day but the truth remains that his latest offering will reignite the Sungura genre in Zimbabwe.

Once again debates will start as to whether the genre is dying or still alive. All record bars, beerhalls and nite clubs will be blurring the new release from the undisputed Sungura kingpin.

Macheso always carries the day and with other sungura musicians like Simon Mutambi, Mark Ngwazi and Romeo Gasa also promising their own albums, it’s going to be a Sungura fiesta of sorts.

The Senior Lecturer Nicholas Zakaria recently unleashed his 29th studio album Musabvunda which is doing well on the market and on radio chats but as usual the goat-bearded musician is not one for competition and always let’s his music do the talking.

It is Alick Macheso and the new crop who will be once again the talk of town come June and July as their new products take over the airwaves.

Macheso has got all the arsenal to unleash a scorcher of an album. What with the return of fiery rythmist Zakaria Zakaria to his Orchestra Mberikwazvo fold and the sure footed hand of renowned producer Bothwell Nyamhondera?

The countdown continues and if samples from some of Macheso’s live performances are anything to go buy, it promises to be a season of merry for Sungura lovers.


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