Musabvunda, Star FM in fitness challenge partnership


By Takemore Mazuruse

All for a healthy cause…. Musabvunda and Star FM in Fitness challenge partnership

Fitness movement Musabvunda who also specialise in gym and sportswear distribution have partnered Zimbawe’s leading urban radio station, Star FM for a 21 day health and fitness challenge.

Speaking to Zimrealnews, Musabvunda network’s Kudzai Pasipanodya said they felt compelled to embark on this challenge as a way of promoting healthy living.

“We have partnered The Breakfast Club on Star FM for a 21 day Health and fitness challenge starting today, the 1st of November 2022.

This is our way of promoting healthy living especially in view of the many health related challenges that our wider community is facing. Healthy living and fitness safeguards your well-being and keeps you in shape,” Pasipanodya said.

According to Star FM, the challenge is open to all.

“We have started on this exciting 21 day health and fitness challenge in partnership with Musabvunda and everyone is welcome to join.

All you need to do is post your working out images and tag Star FM on the social media platforms with the hashtags #21DayChallenge #starFM #Musabvunda #NoSugar.

By so doing you stand a chance to win gym wear including tights, sports bras for ladies, t-shirts , head bands, skipping ropes, drinking bottles and dumb-bells,” they said.

The challenge starts today 1 November until the 21st and it is expected to be fun filled with the Star FM Breakfast Club trio of Nikki, Ephraim Tagu and Sakhy Gracy in the driver’s seat.

Musabvunda has continued to scale new heights in their drive to promote excellence and productivity through health and fitness.

Their range of gym and sportswear has also become a big hit with fitness enthusiasts in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Musabvunda simply means have not fear and don’t allow anything to stand in your path as you seek self-actualization and attainment of your dreams.


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