Photovet YouTube account takes nation by storm


By Atanasi Gurai

Veteran Photographer Takawira ‘Photovet’ Dapi known for his penchant to capture exciting and eccentric content has scored another career high after setting up an arts and lifestyle YouTube account which is fast taking the nation by storm.

One of his most popular video clips from the YouTube account is the popular ‘Usavenga munhu’ slur buy sungura giant Alick Macheso.

The video clip which was captured at Macheso’s Aquatic Complex base shows Macheso giving a detailed take on the downfalls of hate and the recording has since gone viral on other social media paltforms like TikTok.

Speaking to Zimrealnews, the spiky haired Dapi said he has always wanted to have an organised way of sharing content with his followers in Zimbabwe and beyond.

“I have been in this game for decades and I always have the energy to look for content be it sports, business or lifestyle.

I am happy that I now have an official YouTube account through which I will be sharing content with the world. I will share both new and yesteryear content from living and departed influencers and celebrities,” he said.

Dapi has worked with various leading media houses in Zimbabwe and his Photovet brand is synonymous with rare and sometimes controversial content.

What is no secret is the man’s talent and ability to produce the best content even with limited resources.

As new media takes the world by storm, it is hoped his new found passion will help carry his brand across Zimbabwe and beyond.


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