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Doing the most….Scott Sakupwanya

Many of us dreamed of changing the world, but only very few chose to act on it.

Scott Sakupwanya’s unadulterated desire to serve the poor is what precipitated him to trail this path.

Looking at all his altruistic efforts, his motives are clear as day.

He has set up foundations to help the orphans, the youths and those that do not have homes.

Unfortunately, his strides have never been reported but many lives have been saved by this humble businessman.

He treats everyone like his family. All the criticisms and guileful comments against him have failed to extinguish the passion in his heart.

It is regrettable that many people do not know the monumental work Sakupwanya is doing.

He is inspiring many people and he is a motivational book that many entrepreneurs would want to read daily.

Scott has sponsored several upcoming musicians. There are many musicians who have talents but they are not getting sponsorship. Scott has identified this lacuna and he is sponsoring many of them.

I believe what Scott is doing is actually a calling. Many have ignored callings like this one and Scott could have also chosen to ignore his calling, but he didn’t.

Yes he is rich, he has money but we need to know that helping others brings happiness and blessings.

Sakupwanya is a role model. He is compassionate and selfless. He has transformed many lives.

His journey was not as easy as we might think. Everything that he acquired was a result of hard work and commitment. He is actually building a legacy.

This year, Scott was elected Mabvuku Ward 21 councilor. Within two months, he bought garbage trucks for not only his Ward but for the whole of Mabvuku. As we speak, there is no longer challenge when it comes to garbage collection. Mabvuku is now a clean location which many are now craving to live in thanks to Sakupwanya’s benevolence.

Scott was recently awarded best gold buyer of the year at the inaugural annual Mining Industry awards. This clearly shows that he is not an overnight successful businessman. He works hard.

The calm, sober and level-headed property mogul is promoting local initiatives. Many entrepreneurs have been capacitated by Sakupwanya and today many are running successful businesses. He loves his country and he wants to see his fellow countrymen doing better in life.

His humble beginnings are a clear testimony of the difficult journey he traversed to become who he is today.

By setting up various income generating projects, he managed to create employment for men, women and the youths. Over 1000 people are employed by him and over 3000 youths have directly benefitted from his initiatives.

Let’s appreciate Scott’s deeds. He is actually the unsung hero.

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